The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has passed a set of rules located under 20.19 (h) that is designed to make mobile phones more accessible to persons with disabilities. The FCC then created 2 rating system to help consumers with hearing disabilities find a phone that will work with their hearing aids. These rating systems are rated under an M value and a T value. 

    Wireless phones rated "M3" or "M4" meet the FCC requirements for hearing aid compatibility. The "M" refers to using the phone with a hearing aid in the microphone setting. The higher the "M" rating, the more likely it is you will be able to use the phone with your hearing aid on the microphone setting. Thus, M4 is the "better" or higher of the two ratings. 

    The "T" rating refers to using the hearing aid set on the telecoil. The higher the "T" number the more likely you will receive better interoperability performance between your phone and hearing aid in the telecoil setting. Thus the T4 is the "better" or higher of the two ratings. Reduced feedback and reduced background noise are additional benefits of using 
a hearing aid set on telecoil during phone use.
   Below we have created a chart that gives the hearing aid values. For more info on any phone please call our business office or visit the manufacturer's website for the most recent updated information.
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Device Model MSRPM Rating T Rating Wi-FiInternal Storage 
Samsung Galaxy S8+   4    3Y 
   Samsung Galaxy  S9 4 3  Y  
Samsung Galaxy S9+ 43Y 
   Samsung Note 9 976.00 4  3  Y  
   Samsung Galaxy S10e 599.994  3  Y  
  Samsung Galaxy S10  749.99  4   3 Y 
   Samsung Galaxy S10+ 849.99 4  3 Y  
Samsung Note 10$949.994 3Y 256G
 Samsung Note 10 Plus1,099.99  4  3 Y   256G 
Samsung Note 10 Plus $1,199.99 3  Y 512G
Samsung S20     $999.99           
Samsung S20+ $1,199.99 


ManufacturerDevice Model Name/NumberFCC ID# (Unique Ids only)Frequency Bands/Air InterfaceWiFi (?)Type of Device (level of functionality)Date First AvailableDate Last AvailableM-rating (M3 or M4)T-Rating (T3 or T4)
MotorolaG61HDT56XB1CDMA 850,1900YSmartphone/PDANov-18Feb-201933
SamsungGalaxy S8A3LSMG950UCDMA 850,1900YSmart phone/PDAFeb-18Current44
SamsungGalaxy S8+A3LSMG955UCDMA 850,1900YSmart phone/PDAFeb-18Current43
SamsungGalaxy S9A3LSMG960UCDMA 850,1900YSmart phone/PDAMay-18Current43
SamsungGalaxy S9+A3LSMG965UCDMA 850,1900YSmart phone/PDAMay-18Current43
SamsungGalaxy S10eA3LSMG970UCDMA 850,1900YSmart phone/PDAMar-19Current43
SamsungGalaxy S10A3LSMG973UCDMA 850,1900YSmart phone/PDAMay-19Current43
SamsungGalaxy S10+A3LSMG975UCDMA 850,1900YSmart phone/PDAApr-19Current43
SamsungNote 8A3LSMN950UCDMA 850,1900YSmart phone/PDAFeb-18Current43
SamsungNote 9A3LSMN960UCDMA 850,1900YSmart phone/PDASep-18Current43
SamsungJ3A3LSMJ337ACDMA 850,1900YSmart phone/PDANov-18Current33
LGAN 170 Fluid 2ZNFVN170CDMA 850,1900yFeatureApr-15Current44
LGLV7 XCharge (K10)ZNFSP320CDMA 850,1900YSmart phone/PDAFeb-18Jun-1933
LGLG K8+ (LG X210)ZNFSP200CDMA 850,1900YSmart phone/PDAJul-18Jul-1943
LGG7 (Neo)ZNFG710VMCDMA 850,1900YSmart phone/PDAJul-18Current43
LGCV7 (Stylo 4)ZNFQ710USCDMA 850,1900YSmart phone/PDASep-18Current43
LGAN220 (Wine)ZNFUN220CDMA 850,1900YSmart phone/PDASep-18Current43
Updated 8/1/2019

Feature Phones are devices with more advanced capabilities than entry-level devices. 
Smartphones/PDAs are devices that run complete operating system software as a platform for application developers. 

For more information about the FCC's rules and service provider obligations, see

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